Baby Chris Project Promotional Resources

Reach out to thousands with this project by using these promotional resources.

The coalition of pro-life groups sponsoring this project have put together various educational resources for you to use during the course of the Baby Chris project.

On our main page you will see links to, for example, social media resources, church bulletin announcements, and more.

There will also be specific messages and images pertaining to each week of the baby’s development. Click here to view resources for each week.

Here, we offer overall resources that you can use during the course of the entire project:

“The Baby's Heart Beats Like Mine” — Lesson Plan for Elementary School Ages

Released 4-11-2019

In this lesson, K-4 students identify with unborn babies through a series of experiences, including feeling their own heartbeat, seeing the unborn baby in the womb, naming similarities they share with unborn babies, making a bracelet that reminds them of when the heart begins to beat, and narrating what they learned to their parents. The goal is to help them value all human beings including the smallest ones and to get conversations about unborn babies started in churches, schools, and the broader culture.

This K-4 Lesson Plan is well-suited for one-to-many instruction in religious elementary schools, Sunday school environments, and homeschool co-ops, and it's also well-suited for use by parents and grandparents in teaching their kids and grandkids one-to-one.

Justice For All makes this copyrighted Lesson Plan available to anyone to use. To share it with anyone anywhere in the world, use the address When you click on this link, you'll have to sign up as a "JFA Content Subscriber." That's free. It's just our way of making sure we can keep in contact with folks using the lesson plan.